Stephen Law Sixth Form lecture

Students were delighted to hear contemporary philosopher Stephen Law when he visited TGS this month to give two talks on both Morality and Brainwashing from an epistemological point of view. Being Year 12 Philosophy students, we were able to attend both talks which were equally interesting. 

In his first talk about morality and whether it can exist without God he discussed ideas from the perspective of atheists, naturalists and religious people in order to present a well-rounded argument that was very interesting to listen and comment on. The discussion followed different paths and everyone was welcome to contribute although we ran out of time! This experience was very beneficial and interesting, it allowed us to add to my religious and ethical philosophy notes as well as understand how to present a spoken argument. 

The second talk was on brainwashing and epistemology. The whole of Year 12 was present for this and it was very interesting to hear everyone's point of view on the subject as it followed educational, general and societal angles in terms of evaluating censorship and brainwashing. We were able to learn and distinguish the difference between the two and analyse the positive and negative aspects of both. 

Lucy Year 12