LCO update

On Friday 13th January, instrumentalists from Tonbridge Grammar School took part in an exciting event with the London Chamber Orchestra as part of their Music Junction programme along with musicians from other schools around the South-East region. It all took place in the famous Henry Wood Hall in London.
First we played some games, and the London Chamber Orchestra musicians introduced themselves to everyone, then we separated into groups of 6, to improvise some 'space tunes' to play to everyone else. We listened to recordings of space made by NASA and recreated these abstract noises with our instruments. We then experimented with everyone coming together to perform.

After lunch, we played through most of the piece that we shall be performing in May. The tune ‘Simple Gifts’ forms the starting point for a new piece written for us by Paul Edlin, which will be performed by all the musicians of the Music Junction scheme. This was to prepare us for mentoring which we will take part in as part of the project. The more accomplished students mentor beginners as well as less experienced instrumentalists and singers.  It was great fun to perform in such a large orchestra and try new things with our instruments. We begin our mentoring in a couple of weeks, in Meadows Barnardo’s School and Skinner’s Kent Academy.
 Harriet, Emily and Amelie (Year 9)