Year 12 IB Geography Trip to Pett Levels and Rye

On Monday the 26th September, all Standard and Higher Level Geography students went on a trip to Pett Levels in order to collect data for their internal assessments. Once we arrived at the coast, we were each given a booklet in which to collect data. Mr Chadwick explained that there were four tasks that needed to be completed and gave us brief instructions on how to undergo each task. Next, we split into groups of about four to five and started collecting the data, which mainly involved measuring pebble sizes at different sites on the beach. Some groups decided to split into further groups in order to complete the tasks quicker and more efficiently. Miss Hewett, Mr Morrison and Mr Chadwick happily answered any questions we had. Overall, it was a successful and enjoyable trip that allowed us to collect a very wide range of data which will be essential for our internal Geography assessments, which is 25% of the course.

Article written by Annemarie (Year 12)