TGS Aviation and Engineering winning Students to attend Royal Unveiling of Amy Johnson Project Bronze – Saturday 17th September

Four students from Tonbridge Grammar School produced an outstanding Falcon Flight Simulator project last term to win the ‘KM Bright Spark Award’ focused on aviation and engineering. Anthony -Year 13 , Monique -Year 11 from Tunbridge Wells, Seren  from Sevenoaks and Toni- Year 11 have now been offered the Amy Johnson Project’s own ‘experience award’ and have been invited to attend the unveiling of Herne Bay's bronze statue of Amy on 17 September and afterwards at a Royal reception in a local Junior School.

Amy Johnson, CBE (1 July 1903 – 5 January 1941) was a pioneering English aviator and was the first female pilot to fly alone from Britain to Australia. Flying solo or with her husband, Jim Mollison, she set numerous long-distance records during the 1930s. She flew in the Second World War as a part of the Air Transport Auxiliary and died during a ferry flight.

The top TGS team will be lucky enough to meet Amy’s family, as well as Tracey Curtis-Taylor who will talk about her Australia and Intercontinental flight adventures in a restored Amy Johnson plane ‘Spirit of Adventure’.

They will also meet Lauren Richardson who will give an exciting flying display. There will be members of the Women’s Engineering Society, British Women’s Pilot’s Association and Easyjet in attendance. Others associated with the Project including the team of divers that are working with on the search for the wreckage of Amy’s plane will also be at the memorial event.

Royal guest of honour is HRH Prince Michael of Kent who the students will meet before the ceremony. STEM teacher and Head of Computer Science Garry Owen said “it will be a very special day and a real treat for the students after all their hard work on the simulator last year”.