Sports Day 2016

On Monday 4th of July 2016, TGS set up camp at Tonbridge School track for one of the highlights of the school year- Sports Day. With lots of excitement, face-paint, and a clear weather forecast the five houses of Arnold, Carey, Fayerman, Mitchener and Taylor each established their base along the side of the track.

The atmosphere during the day was energetic and excited, with lots of cheering for every event, from the tug of war to the relay races. Each full house supported all of their competitors, cheering for athletes from Year 7 to Year 12, and even some teachers took part as well.

TGS experienced multiple sporting successes in this year’s sports day. Some highlights include new school records set by Katie for Year 8 1500m, Kirsty for Year 9 javelin and Leah for Year 10 triple jump.

The Year 12 Sixth Form also had some outstanding athletes, with notable track performances from Rebecca and some outstanding high jumping from Sam. It was also excellent to see the Sixth Form participating fully for the first time this year through House team entries for all events.

Well done to all involved.

“Sports Day was a big success this year. Everyone had a good time whether they were eating, spectating or participating and we are very grateful to the organisers” - Year 10 student

Report written by Issy (Year 12)