Year 7 Bushcraft Camp Report

Bushcraft camp was really enjoyable and we learnt a lot from it. As well as bushcraft skills such as making fires, building shelters, sleeping outside and camouflage, the week was focused on Risk-taking. There was nothing we were forced to do, but trying everything meant we could gain a lot of experience.

One of our favourite parts of the week was swimming in the lake, although it looked very cold and dirty, it was actually really good fun and there were pool floats and balls to play with. We especially enjoyed making Para cord bracelets as well - as it was a skill that was new to us, and we got to take them home! There was a chance to play amazing games in the evening, such as predator, a fast paced camouflage game that everyone absolutely loved!

Another skill we gained from Bushcraft was first-aid using basic materials and afterwards we found ourselves in a pretend plane crash scenario where, as a team, we had to help one of our tribe leaders recover with the skills we had learnt.

We were given the opportunity to sleep outside in shelters that we had made. It was a very unique

experience with new friends, and it was lovely to wake up to the sounds of birds and a beautiful sunrise!

We were put into tribes before we went on camp and some of the people in our tribe we did not know very well so we got to make new friends. 

It is fair to say that by the end of the week, everyone was tired, but also it made us more resourceful and taught us how important risk-taking and teamwork is.

Article written by Jess and Beth (Year 7)