Year 8 School Trip to Bewl Water

On the 1st July, Year 8 students visited Bewl Water. Everyone was looking forward to a day of healthy, outdoor fun which proved to be of great value!

Divided into our new houses, each group experienced and practised different skills and abilities in a variety of recreational activities, such as water sports, orienteering, and a challenge course.

In water sports, we could decide to go either canoeing, or raft building. Neither sport required much expertise, as it was almost guaranteed that you would fall into the lake either way! Canoeing involved a little training, racing, turning, games and jumping in, and raft building used group efforts to win the competition at the end.

In the orienteering session, we had the chance to explore the vast open space and huge reservoir (13 miles all the way round!). Working with maps, each group were assigned to find specific points around the Bewl terrain. Only some of us were lucky enough to have friends who were proficient orienteers!

The challenge course included a range of minor activities which required strategies, judgements and a lot of teamwork. Our attempted joint efforts completed the activity, for example ‘The Swing’ – get everyone in the group from Point A to Point B, by swinging on the rope. No team member was allowed to touch the ground, and it had to be done inside a certain time slot. Our cooperation as a group definitely improved.

Year 8 inclusively found Bewl Water to be a school trip of fantastic fun, whether it was getting wet, or just enjoying the scenery. It was exciting, constructive and definitely worthwhile.

Article written by Isabella (Year 8)