Report on Year 8 Arts Week

During Year 8 Arts Week 2016, we had lessons of Music, Art and Drama; that were based on machines. In Art, we used a variety of mediums to create a mechanical animal; inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s machines that were based upon his study of animals, for example: his ‘Flying Machine’ of which was based on many winged animals such as a bat.

In Music we looked at how we could use our bodies and items around us, as well as Music Tech, to create a piece of music that slowly built up, and included sounds that sounded mechanic. In Drama, we did a Dragons’ Den type project, where in groups we had to create a machine that we thought would improve the lifestyle of others in the future. Also on Tuesday, we visited the Science museum, where we were able to look at different machines, and the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, for inspiration in our work throughout the week.

One thing I really enjoyed about Arts’ weeks was our break from the curricular, which I found really beneficial as it broadened my range of knowledge of our history of all the technology of which we take for granted now-a-days. I found the trip to the Science Museum really enjoyable

I found out a lot about machines over the centuries, that I didn’t already know, however the one thing that surprised me the most was the link between the machines of the past and present, and how similar they actually are, despite the amount they had evolved. Overall I found Arts’ week an enjoyable extra-curricular week that has made me think about the curriculum subjects in more depth and with more inspiration for our classroom work.

Article written by Lucy (Year 8)