CAS headlines for Term 5.

My most exciting CAS project had to be Run or Dye. I participated in October, and it was a really amazing experience! I have always wanted to do a colour run, where you run 5km and get dye thrown at you! It taught me how to persevere (since I'm not the most athletic person) and it had definitely helped me to grow as a person through trying something new. - Charlie (Year 12)

I completed the 8 mile moonlight walk for Hospice in the Weald in Sevenoaks. It was fun walking as a team to raise money in name of our friend Wendy who passed away recently. The funds went towards building a new care centre so it felt like we were giving back to a good cause. - Calladine (Year 12)

My favourite CAS project was going to a Mencap home in Hastings. This was a really big deal for me as I had never gone out of my way to do something just by myself before and with nobody else to rely on, as I struggle in situations when I don't know anyone. By giving myself this challenge I could become more confident and comfortable in social situations which has really stretched me for the better.

- Ellie (Year 12)

I was able to organise a bench ball tournament for Year 12 students and lots of people really wanted to get involved. We did the games during Friday lunchtime and three games happened at the same time, which became very stressful when time started to run out. The games lasted five minutes each and every team had to move around quite quick so that we could fit them all in. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the afternoon as it was a good way to relax/let their anger out.

It counts for CAS for myself because I organised it myself, it became an activity as it involves a sport and it also counts for service because all the money that I was able to collect is going to Sports Relief.

- Caitlin (Year 12)