Spring Concert Review

The Spring Concert this year was a wonderful success; full of variety and vast musical talent among the musicians. The murmured rehearsals of singers and the pizzicato of the occasional string instrument was only the beginning of the evening. Students and teachers were vivaciously preparing backstage whilst the spectators began to pour in. The last of the microphones were adjusted, thus signalling the introduction and the music to commence.

Orchestras, bands and singers provided a rich and vibrant program entertaining the many listeners in the audience, leaving them with their hearts clenched from the buzz of the ambience left by the performers. The atmosphere at the venue was heart-warming, particularly as Motet Choir said thank you and goodbye to our accompanist Natalie for her amazing talents. Bouquets of flowers were given out and the music teachers within the school were thanked for their help in making the evening possible. We couldn’t be anymore grateful for their contribution to our musical experience.

For any students leaving this year, the evening was a night to remember and for the remaining students it was a night to mark the continuation of great music to come.

Written by Tamsin and Michelle (Year 10)