The LCO Music Junction Project

Over the past months I and ten other students from TGS have taken part in the LCO Music Junction project. This has involved working with professional musicians of the London Chamber Orchestra, to teach younger less experienced musicians in the area. The two schools that we were working with were Skinner’s Kent Academy and Meadows Barnardo’s School. Although the project was challenging at times, helping the younger players and working with the Orchestra members has been a really rewarding experience.

We started the project by working on “Ode to Joy” an orchestral piece by Beethoven, practising with musicians from other schools from all around the south east of England at a school in Essex. We then performed it here to the year seven students at TGS with players in the London Chamber Orchestra.

After this we then met up regularly with the LCO and spent an hour at the two schools teaching the students parts of a newly composed piece by Cheryl Frances-Hoad, which we would perform in a concert at the end. As we worked on the piece over the weeks, the younger musicians became more confident with their instruments even though some had picked up a completely new instrument only a few weeks ago, as a result of this project.

As well as the individual teaching sessions we took part in, we also had some composition workshops where TGS students and those from Skinner’s Kent Academy and Meadows came together and began composing some music to add piece being composed piece by Cheryl Frances-Hoad. Over the weeks the piece developed and as all the schools from the four hubs, twelve schools in total, came together we played the whole thing for the first time.

The project was really enjoyable and inspiring, as it brought together people from completely different backgrounds who would never usually meet and allowed us to work together to perform in a professional concert at the end of the project, which took place on Friday 6th May at London’s Cadogan Hall. The piece itself comprised three orchestral movements and in the final movement we all had to sing. It was an amazing experience to be part of, and inspiring to hear all the composition ideas that we had worked on over the weeks leading up to it.

Another highlight of the project was seeing the Duchess of Cornwall in our rehearsal, listening to the practice and having a picture taken with her. However my favourite part of the project was the concert at the end, seeing all our hard work come together and working with the amazing musicians of the LCO.

Article written by Theresa (Year 12)