LCO successfully draw young people into music-making...

“You are not merely about to hear a piece of classical music, you are deeply involved in the future of humanity”: the words of conductor Christopher Warren-Green before the London Chamber Orchestra launched into a fiery rendition of Beethoven’s Egmont Overture to conclude this stirring concert at the Cadogan Hall.

Warren-Green’s entreaty might sound a little hyperbolic, until one reflects on the fact that Arts Council England has had its government grant cut by almost 40 per cent since 2010 and that local authorities have endured continuing cuts from Westminster, resulting in the closure of many local authority-run venues.  Moreover, since the Conservatives assumed office there has been a shocking fall in the number of children taking part in extra-curricular cultural activities like art, dance, music, and drama.  The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has itself acknowledged that the percentage of primary school-age children who had visited a theatre in the previous 12 months fell from almost half in 2008-09 to less than a third in 2014-15.

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