Trip to Kew Gardens

Last week Year 10 students visited the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, on a joint Geography, Biology and Design Technology trip. We were graced with fine weather and the gardens were beautiful in their full spring colours.

The trip has allowed our students to better understand how ecosystems function as well as showing how plants adapt to the different climatic conditions found around the planet. Students experienced first-hand the heat and humidity of a Tropical Rainforest whilst in the Palm House, and then moved through different Biomes in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, where some groups even had an unexpected encounter with some of the reptilian fauna found in deserts!

Overall the trip was a huge success. Design students were able to explore the function and form of plant adaptations making use of their research in the design process. Geographers have observed the change and variety of ecosystems present around the globe, whilst Biologists could explore the adaptations present in different regions of the world.

Student responses:

“I enjoyed the experience of being in a rainforest, it was surprisingly hot and humid.”
“It was interesting to walk through each of the different biomes and see how the plants change.”
“I was surprised by the range of products that come from the Rainforest, we sort of take them for granted.”
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