Visiting the New College of the Humanities


We were invited by A.C.Grayling to visit the New College of the Humanities. It was interesting to learn about the flexibility in courses they offer and hear two lectures.

Our first lecture was delivered by Dr David Mitchell titled ‘The Increase of Knowledge’, linked to both the epistemological side of philosophy and theory of knowledge. Dr Mitchell covered his own refinements on the difference between different categories of knowledge, as well as the factors in play regarding the increase of these types of knowledge.

The second lecture, delivered by political thought expert Dr Joanne Paul, focused on Jean-Jaques Rousseau and his views on Sovereignty and the Government. As well as his theories, we learned about the context in which Rousseau lived.

Both lecturers gave us detailed handouts of what was covered, which meant that we could listen and interact rather than taking notes. As the lectures were only for TGS, all questions were discussed and answered (where possible - it is philosophy!).

Overall, the experience was really enjoyable and I would highly recommend taking up any opportunity to be lectured in such a small group.

 by Tabbi, Year 12