Italy Trip 2016


Italy 1.jpg

Over the Easter Holidays, sixty-six of us went on the Latin and Geography trip to Italy. We arrived to pleasant sunshine, and had a nice lunch on the steps outside the Archaeological Museum of Naples, where we later investigated the fascinating exhibits removed from Pompeii. It seemed incredible that so much had survived over two thousand years.

We would say that there were two really great things about our trip to Italy. One was that it had been planned superbly – we had only five days there, including travel, but the itinerary was packed with lots of different things to do and we saw many interesting parts of the area including two volcanic areas: Vesuvius and Solfatara. We particularly loved going to Herculaneum, which had been managed slightly differently from Pompeii in that essentially it had been left as it was, which gave you a real sense of how people lived there.

Going to Capri was another highlight. We took a ride up the funicular (or “funicolare” in Italian), which provided some lovely views, and were able to wander around shopping and taste the delicious gelato (which completely lived up to the hype!).

The scenery was beautiful. You could aim your camera anywhere and take a nice photograph, which was great for self-confessed poor photographers like us! One thing we noticed consistently in Italy was the abundance of orange trees despite Sorrento and Capri's obsession with lemons (there are shops everywhere devoted entirely to lemon produce: lemon soap, lemon-themed pottery, lemon sweets – you name it, they’ll find a way to incorporate lemons!).

Overall, we had lots of fun. We would like to thank Miss Johnson and the other staff members for organising it, because it’s obviously no small task to coordinate so many of us! We had a great time and really enjoyed everything that we did – I would wholly recommend going on this trip if possible, because it genuinely was a wonderful experience for everyone involved and has made an invaluable difference to our understanding of the Roman world.

Written by Leah and Ami Year 10