CAS Headlines for Term 4

CAS enables you to enhance your personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning. At the same time, it provides an important counterbalance to the academic pressures of the rest of the IB Diploma Programme.

I took part in the National Citizen Service which counted towards my C.A.S. It was a fantastic opportunity which allowed me to experience new things that I wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity to do, including outdoor activities, and taking part in a social action project to aid the local community.
– Katie R
As part of my CAS portfolio, I am taking part in the Scotts Project. This involves a group of us teaching sign language to adults with learning disabilities and is the highlight of my school week! As part of this opportunity, I was signed up to an online course that would teach me British Sign Language up to level 1. The course was a combination of lessons, research and quizzes to test what I had learnt. It was amazing to begin learning a completely different language, another way of communicating, and, after completing the course, I even received a certificate! As with any language, there is always more to learn and I look forward to doing so. –Abby R
For the BSL online course, Abby and I got together one day and figured it would be a lot easier to run our sessions at Scotts if we knew the majority of the signs. We also had to research different institutions and write paragraphs about them. They ranged from caring for the Deaf to caring for the Deaf and Blind. It was a wonderful assignment because we were able to learn about all these companies and everything that they do. We were also able to gain more insight into BSL and why it was used.
–Nadiya K
My most enjoyable CAS activity was the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. A couple of friends and I went to a centre in Tonbridge on two Wednesdays for 3 hours to pack and sort out shoeboxes. There were filled with toys, clothing, educational thing, and essentials that were to be shipped to Syria for the Refugee children in the camps. As well as being such a fantastic experience it was uplifting to know that across the world each child receiving a box would have a reason to smile at Christmas in the midst of their circumstances. It makes us realise how lucky we are to be in the situation we are in.
-Keishia C