Voluntary Service

Volunteering within curriculum time is not new to TGS; we have encouraged Voluntary Service (VS) for many years and the students have found the placements hugely beneficial and rewarding. The ethos of TGS is to develop the whole person emphasizing intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth with the view to developing thinking skills and the capacity to reflect upon and evaluate their actions through experimental learning, and volunteering allows the students an opportunity to do just this within the context of an activity in which they have a real interest. Year 11 students have just completed their VS placements, the feedback has been hugely positive.

Annabel has been an extremely conscientious pupil with excellent time-keeping and personal organisational skills. She has been prepared to work enthusiastically with the classes and groups she was given, and always happy to take new ideas on board. She found appropriate interesting songs which she taught competently and thoroughly to Year 4 in preparation to perform at a community concert. She also arranged some band parts to be played by 5 Year 1 pupils as an accompaniment to the Year 1 & 2 musical performance later this term. She has been an outstanding pupil.
Mrs Flawn.
Hilden Oaks.
I loved doing my voluntary service at my local primary school. It was a great opportunity for me to meet new people and help the children in the class, as well as being something I was really excited about each Wednesday. My favourite part was getting to see the children each week as they were always cheerful and could easily put me in a good mood (so much so that I've already agreed to go back there after my exams and to help out for their sports day). The only part I didn't like was that I could only spend 2 hours there each week.
Yr. 11 student.