The Flight Simulator projects trip to the Royal Aeronautical Society

On Friday 5th February, four members of the flight simulator team from our school visited the Royal Aeronautical Society in London to meet the other schools that are involved in the competition. Charli, Sophie, Daisy, Chloe and Mr Seedhouse travelled to the headquarters of the Royal Aeronautical Society in Mayfair, London.

We attended three talks; the first from Boeing discussed careers in aerospace and aviation. We then had a speaker from the Royal Aeronautical Society who covered the key points that we need to be aware of for the flight simulator competition. The final talk from Thales showed us examples of flight simulators that they had developed to give us inspiration to help us further develop our designs.

We were then treated to afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches, over which we were able to discuss the competition with member of the society and other schools that are entering. Overall, it was an interesting afternoon, where we learnt more detail on what we have to do for the competition and about the aerospace industry in general.