The Impact of helping others

Before I began my Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) element for my IB diploma, I was unsure what it would entail and saw it as something that would require a lot of time and effort. However, throughout the Sixth Form experience CAS has provided me with so many opportunities which have enabled me to develop skills, meet new people and share experiences, allthewhile helping others and having fun.

One of the best experiences I gained from CAS was a humanitarian trip to Malawi in July 2016. It was an opportunity for me to visit a completely new environment very different from my life in the UK. It was emotionally challenging seeing how and where the locals lived and seeing how contrasting this was to our own lives. It was something that really opened my eyes to how fortunate we are. However, while sad, it was extremely rewarding to know that we were helping to improve the lives of a village community.

The experience helped to make me a stronger, more confident person as I had to overcome challenges and I became much closer with people who I did not know that well before.

My other CAS experiences have enabled me to be involved in exciting, memorable events like Run or Dye and the Pretty Muddy 5K Run for Race for Life. I have also developed skills through all my activities. My fitness and hockey skills have both improved since playing hockey and I am also a much more confident player now. I have also developed my leadership and organisation by helping at a charity event and also running an Action Club. Overall, I have really enjoyed all my CAS experiences and they have enhanced my time in the Sixth Form and it has meant that it has not been a purely academic programme.

Tori, Yr .13