Hive Lotto at Tonbridge Grammar School

What is the Hive Lotto?

Hive Lotto is an organisation which supports local causes in Tonbridge and the surrounding area. It works as a normal lottery does, but instead of the organisation profiting, the money goes to your community.

For every pound donated, 50 pence goes directly to the local activity that has been sponsored. Another part of the Hive Lotto is that a percentage of the money goes to donate to all Tonbridge charities involved, which means that the money is spread throughout the community who need it.

There’s something in it for anyone feeling generous! By participating in the lottery, you can win cash prizes, which can be up to £25,000.

Why donate to Tonbridge Grammar School?

The ethos of our school is rooted in community service. Throughout the lifetime of each TGS student, there are a series of opportunities to become involved in the community. These programmes vary between the local community in Tonbridge, all the way through to the global community, where some of our students visit Malawi and enrich the community there.

The money donated from the Hive Lotto directly goes to our local community outreach programmes. The three key aspects that our school focuses on are the elderly, the young people of our community, and people with learning difficulties. Half of all the money you could give goes directly to funding these projects.

“I’ve seen first-hand the difference that the money makes. By the funding that TGS have, I have been able to be a part of helping so many different communities. I have been involved in a number of outreach projects, by everything from working with children and teaching them African drumming, and helping out in classrooms. For me, volunteering has been one of the most exciting and interesting parts of my school life at TGS.” – Katie, Year 12

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Thank you for helping our outreach work

If you have any questions or concerns about the Hive Lotto please contact them via email at