English Speaking Union MACE Debating Competition

On Monday 21st, TGS entered the English Speaking Union MACE debating competition. The two students representing the school, Elian and Leo (Year 12), were proposing the motion ‘This house believes there should be salary caps in professional sports.’
The Schools’ Mace is the oldest and largest debating competition for schools in the United Kingdom. It offers students in Key Stage 3 and onwards the opportunity to discuss and debate controversial topics and current affairs. In the process of the competition, students develop their knowledge of the world, as well as their reasoning and presentation skills, in a fun and competitive environment.
Their arguments were strong and always backed up with evidence. However they came up against a well prepared team from Bennett Memorial. Elian was first to speak and he made it clear that without salary caps, professional sports become tainted by capitalist greed. He used inflated salaries for players and staff as examples, citing facts and figures to support his case. He was however quickly countered by the opposition team from Bennett who stated that the only reason the league is so exciting is largely due to the fact it can attract the best players. It was then Leo’s turn. Leo spoke succinctly and clearly about how in many cases, leagues without salary caps were too predictable and dull. He reminded the opposition of the Premier League and how, until recently with Leicester, only 4 different teams had won in the last decade. This was wholly different to other world leagues where anybody could win. Bennett again countered though, saying that people like the predictability as it meant it was all the more exciting when a minnow defeated a big team.
At the end the TGS team debated well and were strong and received a positive result from the judges. However the other two teams in the other debate were too strong, and with only 2 qualifying teams, the judges stated that TGS narrowly missed out. It was a good debate however and the TGS team performed and represented the school well.

Article written by Mr Harrison