Biology Lecture Series

On Thursday 10th November, fourteen Year 12 students attended three Biology lectures at the Camden Centre in London to extend our learning and link it to the real world.

The first lecture of the day was given by the charismatic Lord Robert Winston (FMedSci FRSA FRCP FRCOG FRSB FREng) on the topic of Fertility, a subject in which he is an expert. Lord Winston’s lecture drew our attention to the fact that the human species is much less fertile than other animals and plants. He also showed us that the aging process of humans is “very extraordinary” in comparison to other organisms.

Next, Professor Steve Humphries gave an informative lecture about Coronary Heart Disease, focusing on the fact that it is a multifactorial disease. He went on to describe how potential sufferers can be screened and advised on how to avoid CHD, such as by improving diet, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and lowering stress levels.

The final lecture was given by Professor Beverly Glover, from Cambridge University, about the wonders of Plant Science. Praising plants for finding “clever solutions to difficult situations”, Professor Glover spoke about the nature of iridescence within hibiscus petals and the effect of this on bees’ ability of search image formation. Another key point which she made was about the importance of bees for our food sources – 1/3 of our food depends on animal pollination!

Overall, the three lectures were very beneficial for our Biology knowledge, as they correspond with subjects which we will be studying in the future, as well as being enjoyable. We would like to thank Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Hanger for accompanying us on the visit!

Article written by - Leila Year 12