Year 7 trip to Herstmonceux Observatory

On Monday the 10th of October, the whole of Year 7 went to Herstmonceux Observatory in Sussex. Our day began with a talk from the staff, informing us of the rules. We were given questions that we could answer for bonus points, and told that two activities were for points towards a prize at the end of the day. We then split into groups and went to our first activity, mine was the discovery park.

This was just a normal park but every piece of equipment had a scientific meaning or reason for how it worked pinned on. My personal favourite was the Archimedes screw, where you used the giant screw to move a ball up to the top and then watched it whizz back down again, and the balance board where lots of people would stand on an enormous balance board and try (and fail) to make it balance perfectly.

Our second activity was the bridge building, where we had to follow the instructions to build a truss bridge, which we then had to walk over but... we were timed. Then we had a chance to go on the hands on activities in the main corridor. There were lots of activities there, including the earthquake machine, where you had to build a tower and see if it would withstand an earthquake, the vacuum powered chair where you sat in a chair that went up and down, powered by the suction of a vacuum cleaner.

Next we had the tower building challenge, another chance to win points. We were given five minutes and a variety of blocks to build a tower as high as we could. There was one catch. It had to stand up for a minute alone. We were split into two groups in our group for this challenge, and the highest tower was submitted to the competition. Then we had lunch, and went to our next activity. We were lucky enough to have another go at the hands on activities, before the ‘prize giving ceremony’. Sadly we didn’t win, but we had an amazing day all the same.

Article written By Rosa (Year 7)