Herculaneum Competition

Over the summer holidays several TGS students entered a national competition organised by The Herculaneum Society, where students in different age range categories were asked to complete a task centred around promoting the archaeological site of Herculaneum in Italy. Out of the 349 students who entered nationally from 34 schools, Tonbridge Grammar School had winners in three out of the four categories:

Isabel (Year 9 M2 ) - 2nd prize in the creative Writing category (age 11-13) – winning £20
11-13 (500 words): “Suddenly the world went dark….” Continue this story, setting it in Herculaneum on the day of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Chloe (Year 9 T2 ) - 1st prize in the Poster category (age 11-13) – winning £30
11–13: Design a poster for a Hollywood movie set in Herculaneum – also provide a cast list and a title for the film along with a brief outline of the plot.

Elizabeth (Year 11 F ) - 3rd prize in the Tour category (age 14-16) – winning £10

14-16 (750 words): You only have an hour to take a group of pupils in your year around Herculaneum. Bearing in mind that you need to make your tour as interesting as possible, which buildings do you choose and why?

“We were amazed and delighted by the number of entries - there were 349 of them. Many displayed gratifying enthusiasm for the subject, good knowledge and real skill in selecting, where appropriate, illustrations. As a result we had great difficulty in choosing the winners. Since in one category we had offered a choice of options we decided it would be fairer to increase the number of prizes and offer three for each option. Our congratulations go to the winners and our thanks to the teachers who encouraged such a strong entry.”

Nigel Wilson, Trustee, The Herculaneum Society

Emeritus Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Lincoln College, University of Oxford

Publication of results can be found Here:

Well done to all the students who entered, particularly our three winners!

 Miss Johnson

Subject Leader for Latin and Classics