Year 13 IB Design Museum Trip 16th December 2015

On the 16th December, the Year 13 IB DT students visited the Design Museum in London. We were interested in seeing the entries in the annual Designs of the Year Competition and hoped to gain inspiration and challenge from the variety of innovative products on display, as well as voting for the designs we thought were best. Designs of note to us were;

  • The electric BMW i8, a high performance sports car powered using eco-friendly technology.
  • The Miito- a prototype for a new kettle which uses induction technology to heats liquid directly in the cup or tea pot, meaning only the liquid needed is heated, saving water energy and time.
  • The forfatterhuset kindergarten in Copenhagen- creating an inviting modern school whilst fitting comfortably into a historic square. The five separate building are united by a curved brick wall, which ribbons across windows to create privacy and diffuse light.
  • Project Daniel- a 3D printing prosthetic lab for use in developing countries. 

We also explored a range of techniques and materials in the Cycle Revolution exhibition and saw how the performance and usability of everyday products such as bicycles have evolved with the advancement of design and materials technologies. Finally, time was spent interacting with the work of the designers in residence- focussing on the apt topic of migration. We were able to consider how migration can be depicted in different ways- from the use of emerging technologies such as drones, to the community design and re-use of a disused deep mine shaft in Wales.