IGCSE/GCSE Students at Tonbridge Grammar School Achieve Exceptional Results.

Students at Tonbridge Grammar School (TGS) are celebrating outstanding results again this year. All students gained 7 or more A*- C grades including English and Mathematics. 21 pupils (14 per cent) having gained 10 or more A*s and 69 pupils (47 per cent) gaining 10 or more A or A* grades. Overall, 88 per cent of all GCSE results were at grade A or better.

Rosemary Joyce, Head Teacher at Tonbridge Grammar School, said:

"These results are absolutely terrific. I am so pleased for all our students that their dedication and hard work has paid off. All our students absolutely deserve to celebrate their fantastic achievements. I also want to acknowledge the dedication of TGS staff who have worked tirelessly to support our students to success."

The average points per entry attained of 54.7 is the equivalent of a strong A grade. In IGCSE Mathematics 138 students (95 per cent) gained A* and A grades, whilst in IGCSE English 137 students (94 per cent) gained A* and A grades. Students also achieved exceptionally high grades in IGCSE Science and Modern Foreign Languages with the following figures reflecting the number of A* or A grades in each discipline; Spanish 69 (100 per cent), French 50 (96 per cent), Biology 135 (94 per cent), Physics 128 (89 per cent) and Chemistry 128 (89 per cent). GCSE Sport and GCSE Textiles also had outstanding results with all students gaining A* and A grades.


TGS continues to offer a combination of IGCSE and GCSE courses in order to challenge our highly academic students and prepare them for the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma that they study exclusively in the sixth form. As an Academy TGS continues to raise the bar and chooses courses for their educational value irrespective of any governmental constraint.