IB Results 2015: What to do after receiving your results...

Well done everyone

To share your success come into school on Tuesday 7th July at 10.30 for photos, breakfast (full dress code). Staff will be invited to join you.

If you need to discuss your results with a member of the sixth form team we will be available all day on Tuesday 7th July and Thursday 9th July. Book an appointment via this link.

A UCAS link to your results has been set up so that universities should have your results. They should get your overall points and individual subject points but will not know how close you were to a grade boundary.

What happens next? 

University Places

If you have met or exceeded your First Choice offer then the university should confirm your place shortly. If you have met and exceeded all terms of the offer you may wish to consider Adjustment. This is available from 13th to 31st August.If you have not met your First Choice offer they may still offer you a place. You should telephone and speak to the Admissions Tutor. Most Admissions Tutors will only speak to you personally. Some universities will not make their decision until A Level Results Day Thursday 13th August.

See the UCAS site for details:

If you have not met your First Choice but met your Second Choice offer then the Second Choice university will hold your place until your First Choice university has made their decision. If you have not met either offer and both your First and Second Choice universities reject you, then you should telephone both universities. If your university(ies) are asking you to wait until A Level results then you can start to make contact on Tuesday the 11th August when they have the A Level results.


Clearing opens in July. It is important not to panic and rush into a university place. You should do your research and consider your options carefully. It is always possible to take a Gap Year and reapply through UCAS and the school next year. If you have chosen the new Clearing service universities may approach you from 13th August. 


If you have not been awarded the Diploma, you will be awarded Certificates for each subject that you have passed. It may still be possible for you to go to university. You should contact your First and Second Choice universities and others through Clearing.

Resits and Enquiries Upon Results

It is advisable to wait for the component marks of your examination subjects and then arrange a meeting with the sixth form team to discuss which subject(s) to retake or to request an ‘Enquiry Upon Results’.

If you wish to query your results you may apply for an ‘Enquiry Upon Results’ (a re-mark). These are available for all subjects, including Extended Essays but are not available for multiple choice papers and coursework. The grade may be raised or lowered. If you wish to request an ‘Enquiry Upon Results’ for any subject, you must inform Mrs Tutt in writing before Thursday 16th July 2015 (including fee), as per the instructions from Mrs Tutt (see separate letter and consent form on the portal). It is the students’ responsibility to check any change of grade http://results.ibo.org and notify universities.
If you wish to order a photocopy of your marked papers, you must inform Mrs Tutt in writing (see letter on portal). We will let you know by e-mail when the photocopies are available so it is imperative you provide a valid e-mail address.

Resits are available for the I.B. Diploma. The first resit opportunity with the school will be in May 2016. You DO NOT need to resit all your exams and your remaining marks will be carried forward from this examination session including coursework—although this can be more complicated for subjects where the syllabus has changed. You are advised to speak to the subject leader if you think that a resit id your best option. If you are successful in your resit for that subject your total Diploma grade will be amended. If you are currently a Certificated candidate you will be awarded the Diploma if you meet the requirements. If you wish to resit any subject, you must inform Mrs Tutt using a resit request form (found on portal) before Thursday 16th July as per Mrs Tutt’s letter.

If you have any further queries relating to your results and your university offers please contact Mrs Chadwick at jchadwick@tgs.kent.sch.uk or Mrs Gailey at mgailey@tgs.kent.sch.uk or MrsTutt at mtutt@tgs.kent.sch.uk

It has been a pleasure to have you in the school and we are all very proud of you. We wish you all the best for the future!

Mrs J Chadwick
Mrs M Gailey