Year 10 and Scotts Project Trust

From October 2014 to this year some of the students from Tonbridge Grammar School have been coming to Scotts to participate in an art class with some the service users; we made poppies for the centenary of World War One and also helped to make pottery shapes to sell for Mother’s  Day amongst other things. Everything was made accompanied by a lot of fun and jokes, but for the students from Tonbridge, I think I can speak for everyone if I say that the things we took away from those classes have a lot of personal value as a reminder of Scotts, the people we met, and the great experiences we had there. 
Following the involvement through the art project and also other similar projects participated in by different students from the school, we were asked to attend the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Scotts. At the celebration we saw a very original version of Twelfth Night and after the mayor gave a speech thanking Jill Scott for her immense contribution, hard work and sacrifice to Scotts we went through to the barn for tea and cake, where we could all so clearly see, in person, the huge benefits of Scotts for everyone. There was (as there always is at Scotts) the most amazing atmosphere which is one of the things I personally find so appealing about Scotts, everyone is, without fail, so accepting and friendly, no matter what your mood or how you are feeling it is absolutely impossible to leave without a smile on your face.
 Scotts affects so many lives and not just those who benefit directly from the care given, but really anyone who comes into contact with it is touched by the extraordinary nature of the place, and it just shows the difference that can be made to the World by one person, and how far the Trust has come in the last twenty five years.
Yr. 10 student Tonbridge Grammar School.