CAS taken to new heights!

On Wednesday 25th March 2015, three Tonbridge Grammar School students (Arthur Willoughby, Harry Tomlinson and Patrick Nicholson-Going) took part in a skydive to raise money for Help for Heroes, Cancer Research UK and Children's Hospice South West. The skydive also counted as part of the core Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) element of the International Baccalaureate and shows just how broad the activities that can be covered in CAS are.

So far, the boys have had over £1300 in pledges and donations, however they are still collecting and hope that they can raise even more money in the upcoming weeks.

The skydive was initially scheduled to take place on Saturday 21st March, but due to adverse weather conditions, it was unable to go ahead. Arthur, Harry and Patrick are currently considering participating in other extreme events which will count towards CAS and hope that they can raise even more money for charity in the process. Below, you can see a video of Arthur's jump.

‘I am extremely impressed with the level of commitment our students show with their CAS projects. I normally like to lead by example, however on this occasion I think I’ll leave it to the lads!’ Mrs Twinam (CAS Coordinator)