TGS at English Schools' Curling Championship

On Friday 27th March, TGS took seven girls and one boy to the English Schools’ Curling Championship at Fenton’s Rink in Frant.

Each school had two teams of four students, ranging from Years 8 to 13. In total, 12 teams entered the championships, with schools such as Judd, Beacon and Walthamstow Hall also participating.

The competition ran from 12-6pm, with two randomly selected divisions. Each team played three 2-end games in a round robin against other teams from their division and the points were totted up to see who would go through to play-offs.

Our TGS 2 team unfortunately came bottom of their division not having won any games but we feel they played really well since all of them were beginners and some hadn’t played since October!

The TGS 1 team came 1st in their division, having won two games and drew the other. This meant they qualified for the final against Judd who had won their all their games in their division. The game was really close and very very intense, especially as we were playing three ends this time. In the first end, TGS stole two points; Judd then caught up taking three points. We had to score a two to win the game but the Judd captain was just too good and made some lovely shots and they scored another point leaving the final score 4-2 and TGS in second place. The final was by far the toughest game with nearly all the stones in play. Our team played amazingly especially as two girls had only been playing for a few weeks. All their hard work at training sessions was evident as all the team were making their shots and playing extremely well. A thoroughly well deserved 2nd place! We are so immensely proud of all our students that took part in the event and we hope to come back fighting next year.