Taekwon-do Gold at the English Open

Year 8 student Katie Moon has had some great achievements recently in Taekwon-do.

In February she travelled to Swindon to compete in the PUMA British Open competition  which sees competitors from across the UK and Europe competing against each other in individual patterns and sparring in varying belt and age categories.  Katie is a red belt black tag and competes in the under 14 category. She won through many rounds of patterns competition, just losing out in the final to take the silver medal.

Katie then competed in the individual sparring and again fought hard to reach the final which was a bout of two 2 minute rounds. It was a tough fight in which Katie sparred well from the beginning. She eventually won the gold convincingly.


Katie followed this up with the UKTA English Open completion in Guildford on the 21st of March. Again this is a large competition with over 450 UK and international competitors and once again Katie was successful in winning the gold medal in the individual sparring, beating a black belt in the final.

Quite a start to 2015, well done!