International Art Collaboration - Icons of Peace and Equality

Art students at Tonbridge Grammar School have been participating in the Icons of Peace and Equality art project.  Students have worked on creating faces collaboratively in sections and experimented with other ways to fuse creative vision,  generating some fantastic final outcomes.

Our year 10 GCSE group split themselves into small groups and worked on the face of Marie Curie. Each set of students took a section of face and used charcoal to develop their work. They commented that they liked how it didn’t seem to matter that it wasn’t perfect and that all the styles came together really successfully at the end.

Year 9 decided they wanted to take a different approach. They are currently working on a project about Harry Potter so to bring this project and theirs together they looked at the work that Emma Watson is currently doing as a goodwill ambassador for the UN. Each of the small groups used finger painting techniques to create their portraits, which they loved.


Finally Year 12 International Baccalaureate students looked at anyone they felt fitted the criteria: there was a whole range of people who they all felt promoted peace and equality in their lives. This group of students had free reign over how they collaborated and which material they used. Some painted, some finger painted, some used ink and others used charcoal.

Undoubtedly, this has opened the students' eyes to people around the world who have really made a difference to others and through ‘Peace and Equality’ have changed the shape of history and continue to mould the future. Through the use of Art, it has given the students an interesting avenue of freedom to explore – discovering that working together can create some fantastic results.