TGS at the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge

On the 18th November 2015, four Sixth Form students from TGS took part in the regional final of the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge at Cobham Hall. Abby and Issy from Year 12 and Leon and Dom from Year 13 made up the team.

The students took part in three rounds. The first was a group round consisting of ten questions that had to be completed in 40 minutes. Each student worked individually to begin with, focusing on questions from their strongest areas of maths. In order to answer a question, one student even calculated all of the square numbers up to 31! When finished we then moved onto another question and checked each other’s answers.

The second round was a crossnumber. For this, the team was divided into two pairs, one of which was given the ‘across’ clues and the other given the ‘down’ clues. We were very successful in this round thanks to our great team work, answering all questions correctly and finishing with six minutes to spare.

The third round consisted of a ‘shuttle relay’. We remained divided into pairs, and one pair was given parts 1 and 3 of a question whilst the other pair was given parts 2 and 4. In order to complete questions 2, 3 and 4 (all within 8 minutes) the previous answer was needed, so the team had to work fast in order to pass on the necessary information.

Overall, we worked fantastically well as a team in order to tackle some very taxing maths problems. The event was both an excellent test of mental maths and problem solving abilities, as well as being great fun!

Issy and Abby, Year 12