Foundations in Biology Lecture

On Tuesday 24th November a group of Year 12 students attended a biology lecture by Dr Adam Rutherford (broadcaster) and Lord Robert Winston in London. The lecture was based on the theory of genetics and the foundations upon which knowledge about the subject was built. It was good for us to find out the timeline of development and the scientists behind the discoveries, even if they told us that what you learnt at school was overly simplified!

Did you know?

· Rolling your tongue is NOT genetic; as it says in the textbook, as you can train yourself to roll your tongue!

· The brain is the most complex thing in the entire universe, there are more than 10 billion neurones alone in a person's brain, this meant that Einstein was no different from any of us.

· Serial killers are no different from us either - there is no such thing as the "evil" gene.

Caitlin, Year 12