Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 17th November, a team of four students from Years 10 and 11 successfully took part in an inter-school maths challenge hosted by Invicta Grammar School. The competition comprised of seven rounds which included relays, code challenges and a sudoku style calculation puzzle.

As a team we worked really well together and were delighted to discover that we had won the competition by 14 points! The top eight teams from this heat and the next one will progress to the final, so we should have qualified. It was a really enjoyable experience for all of us and we wish TGS Team 2, who will be competing at the next heat, the best of luck.

One of the Maths questions (to be done without a calculator):

Given that 2.1³ = 9.261, calculate the value of


Answer 83.349

Daisy, Year 11