MUNGA Tunbridge Wells Briefing Day, Wednesday 7 October 2015 at Tonbridge School

Who knew that 60 enthusiastic 16-18 year old model UN delegates arguing about the fate of the world would end up being so entertaining? There were lectures given to us by members of the 'New Internationalist', broadening our views on the role of the United Nations and showing us that there are limits to what you can do, no matter how powerful you are.

We also saw students immersed in the roles they were to play, some taking it so seriously that dates, facts and figures were embedded in their brain which led to an incredible debate on an Emergency Resolution on the Syrian crisis. The day ended on a high as our TGS students and students from local schools fully embraced their roles, becoming completely at one with their appointed countries.  

TGS is representing France, Colombia and Indonesia and we are now really looking forward to the actual MUNGA in the Tunbridge Wells Town Hall on Friday 27 November 2015.  More news to follow... 

Yesi Feng and Emma Smith, TGS members of the Press for MUNGA Tunbridge Wells.