600 Club - Play Your Part

Are you feeling lucky

For a one-off payment of £10 you’ll be in with a chance to win up to £100 cash – not just once, but four times during the rest of the school year.

Secure your lucky share today. 

Here’s how it works 

  • Each share costs £10. For TGS parents this should be paid online via Parentpay. For others please send a cheque to the school office made payable to TGS.
  • An email address and name of shareholder must be supplied by filling in the comments box on Parentpay or on the back of your cheque.
  • Once payment has been received you will receive a share certificate via email from the administrator to confirm membership. This has all the relevant information as required by the Lottery Licence and gives the dates of the 4 bi-monthly draws.
  • On each designated date an independent draw will take place and all members will be notified of the winners by email. Winners will also be announced in the PYP newsletter.


  1. Members must be over 16 years of age. A share can be split between a group, but only 1 email address will be registered. The group is responsible for dividing the winnings. A share may be bought for a 3rd party, in this case the purchaser should agree with the administrator to whom the certificate should be issued and to whom prize notification should be sent.
  2. There will be a maximum of 600 share certificates issued.
  3. Prizes are awarded in each draw as follows: 1st Prize £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £30.
  4. Draw dates are January 31st 2015, March 30th 2015, May 20th 2015 and July 13th 2015. 
  5. As the winning shares will be generated by computer program there is no restriction to membership therefore employees and Governors of Tonbridge Grammar School and members of the Play Your Part Campaign Board will be permitted to join. The 600 Club administrator will not be permitted to join.