Severe Weather Information

How do I find out if the school is closed?

Should the school need to close due to severe weather or for any other reason, information will be posted here on the front page of our website:

On the radio:

You can now sign up with Kent School Closures to receive an alert by email free of charge or by SMS for 20 pence. To register go to click on “Register for Alerts”, complete your details and click “Continue Registration”. You will then be sent a confirmation email with a link back to the website to confirm and activate your account. Once you have signed in you need to select the schools about which you want to receive alerts. Additional schools can be added using “Add School to Alerts”. If you have opted to receive alerts by text you will need to purchase SMS credits. Click on “Purchase Credit/History” and complete details to buy credits. 

Severe Weather Guidelines

  • The school is committed to staying open if at all possible when there is severe weather.
  • Parents must decide whether it is safe for their child to get to school.
  • If conditions get worse during the day, parents should email the school if it is necessary to collect your child before the end of the day.
  • Only collect your child before the end of the day if their safety is at risk.