European Day of Languages - Updated!

TGS celebrated European Day of Languages on Friday 26th September.

The European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001 on September 26th, as an initiative of the Council of Europe to bring international communities closer together. Apart from the twenty three official languages of the EU, an astounding figure of over two hundred languages are spoken across Europe. However, the wider aim is to celebrate the six thousand plus languages spoken across the world and increase awareness and knowledge of the people living around us, so as to create a greater community that extends beyond one’s regional background.

To mark the day, a variety of events and activities such as television and radio programmes for children are organised across Europe. Throughout the week, Tonbridge Grammar School held assemblies where each year was able to experience a variety of different languages from across the world through many of our bilingual and often even multilingual students. The range of languages extended from French and Spanish to Hindi and Tamil. The effect of such events on young minds in invaluable bearing in mind increasing multiculturalism and globalisation and the fact that previously confined languages such as Mandarin are predicted to be some of the most widely spoken languages in the near future.

At Tonbridge Grammar school all students study French, Spanish and Latin from year 7 and all students study a language in sixth form as part of the International Baccalaureate diploma.

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