New Year 12 Induction Event

Entering a sixth form, and for many a new school, can be an extremely daunting prospect! This is why at TGS we have run a two day event for all students who have applied to join us for sixth form. Students get to learn more about the school and the International Baccalaureate as well as the invaluable opportunity to meet the people who they may be sharing the next two years with.

The first day involved an introductory experience of student life at the University of Kent campus in Canterbury, including subject specific talks ranging from Robotics to a year abroad.

The second day was mostly run by the year 12 student body with exceptional planning from the student leadership team. To begin there was a short introductory talk from Mr Barker before the student were spilt into their form groups for an informal Q&A breakfast session with year 12 students. When all queries had been fully answered Ms Wood continued the day with a heated Theory of Knowledge debate based around the concept of beauty. A short break followed in which students had the chance to use the school canteen and explore the school grounds. After the interval Mr Williams presented the students with the task of creating a representation of their form group out of aluminium foil. After 20 minutes of creativity the students presented their insightful, inventive and often hilarious handiwork. To follow came an entertaining session all about CAS expertly presented by Maddy Smith. Each form group was assigned a task to plan an activity that could be used as a CAS project ranging from making water rockets with children with learning difficulties to learning how to create beautiful Henna designs.

A lunch break was followed by a tournament of Mr Barker’s famous Ultimate Frisbee matches. A thrilling team game to end a day packed with interesting sessions that allowed the students to learn about the IB diploma and make new friendships with the people who may be completing it with them.