Art & Maths programme at Shipbourne Primary School

For 3 weeks in May we went to Shipbourne Primary School to help deliver an Escher art based enrichment programme with a mathematical element. The children were going to design, make and paint their own tiles which would all fit together to make a big tessellating piece to go up in their school.

The first lesson was an introduction, teaching the children what tessellation was and leading a few games to enforce the idea of tessellation in preparation for them creating their own tessellations. The design of the overall piece was introduced to the children and we told them why the design was based on the river and sea. We also intended to let the children start designing their tile but we ran out of time due to the games being enjoyed a little too much!

In the second session we started by reminding the children what tessellation was before allocating each child to a group: the riverbed, the middle of the river, and the top of the river, for them to then start designing their tile. When everyone had finished designing, we gave them all their pre-cut pieces of clay, ready for them to start moulding their tiles

The third week was completely dedicated to the painting of their tiles. We handed out the tiles and the children found their own. We gave them a brief introduction and they began painting. When they had finished their tile we gave them some paper to paint on whilst waiting for everyone else to finish, on which they all chose to do finger painting. We then asked them to sit on the floor (after washing their hands) and fill out the evaluation forms. To finalise the session we congratulated them on how well they worked and how good all the tiles looked and they thanked us for leading the lessons.

Jessie Denning (Author), Hannah Cockram,  Kirsty Hale, Mollie Ramos, Sassy Halsall