TGS working with K College Prep for Life

Sports Leaders – Level 2

A reflection on physical activity sessions with K College students by Niamh Connell

Since September my class and I have been involved in helping students from K College whom have a mixture of physical and mental disabilities, have fun and enjoy themselves doing various sports activities every fortnight. Each session a different activity is planned this may be specific sports such as rounders and basketball or it can consist of different fun activities involving different equipment and/or skills such as communication skills, throwing a ball, accuracy e.g trying to hit a target, running around, hula hooping etc. Each student is accommodated depending on his or her disability, some aren’t keen on running or quick moving activities, we all ensure to be sensitive towards the students however careful to not come across patronising. We are friendly and sociable and always ready to help anyone. Activities may also be altered to accommodate their personal weaknesses. Such as altering the distance that something has to be thrown, or decreasing the difficulty level of some activities. Personally I love working with the students from KC, it’s such a good opportunity and I love meeting new people. I have been very involved by personally befriending a girl named Tiffany (Tiff). Tiff is probably one of the most restricted students in the group, she has difficulty running especially and a lot of activities are based around moving and in competition circumstances moving fast. I like Tiff, we get on well and it is so pleasing to see her happy, she also gets excited when she sees me! We participate together in all the activities as a pair and she really enjoys it. She loves to win and so do I! We high five and I constantly try and motivate her during an activity. She is really enthusiastic like myself and I can personally accommodate her by slightly altering the activity for her. Having these sessions with the students from K College has really opened my eyes. They are always happy, always laughing, always ready to give everything a go even if they don’t quite know what it is they have to do. There is no negativity in the room, you can clearly see the joy the sessions bring them, which is so nice to see. It has made me think about my attitude towards everything and how I can be inspired by them, they have various disabilities that may restrict them from what they can and can’t do however they give everything a go, they’re always cheerful and it’s been such a great experience.   

Dear Mrs Twinam                                                                                               24/4/14
We would just wanted to say how much we enjoy our sports lesson each week. We feel we are treated with respect and have been given an amazing opportunity to play many different  games, we have learnt how to work as part of a team and we have learnt how to follow rules. We all feel we have made friends with the girls and look forward to working with them each week.
We have also appreciated that the all of us are able to participate  in each game, for example Tiffany all games and equipment  is adapted to meet her needs especially.
 We think Mrs Twinam and Miss Leggett are brilliant  teachers who always give us lots of support and encouragement. We look forward to coming every week and are excited to see what games we are playing.