UKMT Maths Challenge visits Holland

Between the 4th and 6th of June, a group of twenty-four Year 12 students had the amazing opportunity to travel to Holland to help organise and run an international version of the UKMT Maths Challenge, in which over 40 Dutch schools participated. We had previously run both the Junior and Senior Maths Challenge at TGS earlier on in the year, and so taking it abroad was a fantastic experience as it gave us the opportunity to see how students from a different culture approached the tasks compared to the local students. It also gave us the chance to explore Utrecht, a town near to where we were staying, and to experience the differences between the lifestyles in Britain and in Holland.

Coordinating the Maths Challenge wasn’t easy, however the hard work really paid off when the event ran smoothly on the day, with both us and the students in Holland having a great time and enjoying ourselves. As the challenge is run by the UKMT, all of the Dutch students had to speak in English throughout the competition, and it was incredible to see how fluent they all were in English. However, it wasn’t just the Dutch students who were talking in a foreign language, but also one of our students, Georgie Hawkes, who gave a welcoming speech in Dutch, impressing all of the locals.

Overall, the Maths Challenge was a wonderful opportunity, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Not only did we get the chance to experience Dutch culture, but it was also immensely rewarding to organise and run the Maths Challenge for the students.

Gabriella Jack and Ellen Whyte