Designing the Future Project

During assembly on Wednesday April 23rd years 9 and 10 were encouraged to think about what might change in the future and how they could become involved in the ‘Designing the Future’ project.

Project Director, Alan Cummings (Emeritus Professor at Royal College of Art and visiting Professor at Imperial College, London) gave an inspiring and though provoking presentation with examples of what is currently being dreamt up as the current issues that may need addressing. The presentation featured work largely by design students of the Royal College of Art and demonstrated the creativity, depth and breadth of thought within this area.

Left is an image of a boat designed by an RCA student that uses nets to catch plastic debris instead of fish. On-board the plastic is melted and moulded to create recycled plastic furniture which is then sold on the beach once landed. This ingenious idea creates solutions for pollution, recycling, decreasing fish stocks as well as shifts in the jobs market.

Girls in years 9 and 10 have been given the opportunity to submit their own ideas for the future in whatever field they choose, with the possibility of having their work exhibited in an ongoing online exhibition on Tumblr and facebook, as well as an opportunity to win £50 if they submit before 22nd May.

Students should go to the website for more information at:

Project Workshop Space, Historic Dockyard Chatham

Project Workshop Space, Historic Dockyard Chatham

Mr Tibbits-Williams set them the task of coming up with a proposal for future issues and how they would solve them. They were encouraged to think and/or present their ideas as creatively as possible on one side of A4 paper for 16th May. Student proposals will go before a panel of judges representing different subjects with a selected number of students being invited to attend the workshops being run by R.C.A. alumni design professionals at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham in June.