London Chamber Orchestra's Music Junction at TGS

Music Junction is the London Chamber Orchestra's transformational music education project, bringing together children from diverse backgrounds together to create, compose and perform music alongside LCO's inspiring musicians, and on Thursday 13th March they will be at Tonbridge Grammar School.

LCO musicians and TGS students will be joined by students from the Skinners Kent Academy and the Meadows School.

Music Junction Workshop Assistant Paul Cavaciuti has described the TGS girls' work in instrumental sessions as “beautiful”.

Unique in its concept, the project reaches a wide range of young people by involving private schools, academies and Barnardo’s schools and projects. Teamwork, interaction and social understanding are fostered between groups of young people who might otherwise rarely meet. LCO’s musicians and highly experienced workshop leaders share their enthusiasm and expertise with the participants, inspiring and supporting them.

At Music Junction’s core is a series of workshops, in which participants make music together, working alongside the inspirational musicians of the London Chamber Orchestra and Music Junction's experienced animateurs. In these sessions, the participants work creatively, improvising, composing, arranging and structuring their own work in response to the theme for the season. The participants work together, developing their own musical identities and supporting each other's musical learning, whether they are beginners trying out instruments for the first time, or more experienced musicians, developing coaching and mentoring skills.  The creative workshops lead to showcase performances with LCO.