Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 Careers Fair - Wednesday 12th Feb

Students in Years 10, 11 and Sixth Form, there is a fantastic opportunity for you to participate in the Tonbridge Grammar School Careers Fair on the 12th February from 7.30pm till 9pm.

You will be able to talk informally to a wide variety of professionals, all of whom are either parents or closely associated with the school. They have volunteered their time to share their considerable experience because they know this is an exciting but very challenging time for you. You need to be equipped with as much information about as many options as you can to make your own informed decisions. Come along with an open mind. Your conversations may cement your decisions to date and you may well be introduced to ideas and opportunities that you previously did not have.   

See OLIE for more detailed instructions and RSVP

All the volunteers are closely related to the school. They have a high regard for the outstanding education that TGS is giving you and they want to help you put your education to the best use  at university and beyond. The volunteers will be able to give you some guidance about how to pursue a career in their area of expertise. They will be able to share with you their own experience, from leaving school to now. Our volunteers will be able to offer you their ideas and suggestions about how to make your longer term decisions. 

The Mitchener Hall will be laid out in careers areas and our volunteers will sit at an individual table. If an industry or career intrigues you but the professional’s job title does not catch your attention, be bold, go ahead and take a seat. We have 50 or so volunteers and each has time to spend up to 10 minutes with you. 

Dress as you consider appropriate for the occasion. You will want to bear in mind that the professional volunteers will wear what is appropriate for their line of work. You will also want to be remembered for the right reasons. Other ways you can create a good impression include eye contact, a hand shake, a thank you and by asking your prepared questions. 

Work experience may be of interest to you, either immediately or in the future (say, whilst you are at university).  Some of the professionals have already indicated a willingness to provide work experience.  In the current economic climate, it is becoming more and more possible for students to be offered permanent employment as a result of a job application after a period of work experience or university internship.  If a volunteer offers you a contact business card, look after it. Use it to send a thank you email after the event and updates in the future! The networks you foster now may reap significant dividends later.

(Please be aware that capacity in The Mitchener Hall is limited due to fire escape restrictions. Attendance will be confirmed on a first come first served basis).

Parking: Unfortunately, there is insufficient space in the car park, which will be reserved for our volunteers. Please allow time to park, avoiding the disturbance of the residents in the locality of the school. 

 The event is being generously sponsored by: