Yr 10 Photography Master Class with the Scotts Project Trust

We started off the day by getting the minibus to the Scotts Project Hall,  we were all very  nervous  and na├»ve as to what was to come,  we had been told that we were working with  adults with learning disabilities and to bring our cameras but that was about it.  At first when we were introduced to the residents of the trust we were hesitant and awkward however as the day progressed we became more at ease and found ourselves thoroughly enjoying the experience.  We spent the day with them taking a photography master class in which we took Christmas portraits with fun props and clothing, which will be turned into an amazing collage. We also taught them how to take photos and then later edit them. The day was filled with laughter, chatting and some dancing too! We finished up with a nice lunch and then after an amazing experience we headed back to school.
It was a fantastic experience and I met some amazing people who's happiness was a joy to see, I had so much fun talking to them and laughing with them as well as learning some important life skills too! 

Rachel Tabor

''They were all so lovely and always seemed to have a smile on their face" Anna Bayley

"Even if you were having a bad day it didn't matter here because we realised how privileged our lives are and how lucky we are"  Isy  Ellis

"It was really rewarding to make someone's day" Molly Benson 

"The smiles they gave us were priceless " Niamh Bennett 

"Seeing them smile makes me smile" Ellie Osborne 

"It was really fun and everyone was amazing at taking and editing photos "Abbi smith

"It was a really rewarding day and I learnt a lot myself  by helping them to use a camera " Elizabeth Hopkins