Motet and Cantores Choirs perform at Barnardos Concert, St Paul's Cathedral

On the 9th December, we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London to sing in the Barnardos Concert.

When it got to rehearsal time, we practised ‘A Christmas Star’ (just Motet) and then ‘This Endris Night’ and ‘Hodie’ with Cantores as well. It was good to sing with Cantores as it interlinked the two choirs, and also helped Cantores to get an idea of what Motet is like.

When it was time to perform, everyone was excited but also nervous. There were almost 2,500 people in the building which we sung in front of. The performance went even better than the rehearsal and everyone was extremely happy with how it sounded (even Mr Pitts!).

It was a very fun evening, full of lots of great performances. By singing, we helped to raise awareness for the Barnardos Charity and helped to make a difference to children’s lives throughout the UK.
Anna Bayley, Yr 10