TGS will remember on November 11th

As part of Remembrance, on 11th November all students at Tonbridge Grammar School will be off timetable to mark Remembrance Day with a series of interesting and engaging cross-curricular activities organised by the staff.  This is an opportunity for the students to engage more clearly and thoughtfully with Remembrance, and also with the legacy of modern war.

Humanities will be looking at whether wars can be considered “Just” from lots of different psychological, historical and religious perspectives and conducting debates on the subject.

English will be reading war poetry and discussing how it has developed our perception of warfare, whilst in ICT student will be investigating war diaries.

Mathematics will be code-breaking and Science will be looking into how war has affected the development of aircraft, medicine and the role of Fritz Haber.

There will also be musical and artistic activities, such as making poppies from felt.

As well as observing the two minutes’ silence students will be contributing to a book of remembrance, looking at their own family histories, and creating a memorial garden.

In the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day a group of TGS students and some members of the Scott’s Project Trust have been working together on their own version of the remembrance poppies.

Each week they have paired up to plan and make their own ceramic poppy. The results have been amazing, not just with the poppies but with the understanding of how important it is not to forget the fallen.





The poppies will be displayed in our remembrance garden at TGS plus a wall hanging display in the Scott’s Project Trust main hall.

Students will be asked to make a voluntary contribution on the day, with all proceeds being donated to the British Legion which organises the annual poppy appeal.