Taekwon-do Gold in the Scottish Open 2014

Anna Wessels in Year 9C who studies Taekwon-do at the Synergy TKD school in Tonbridge under Mr Tim Dunn travelled to Motherwell to participate in the Scottish Taekwon-do Open 2014 competition, held on the 27th of September.

Anna was left in no uncertainty about the post referendum mood when the taxi driver transporting team mates to the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre suggested that the team were "brave to show their faces in that part of Scotland"! 

Arriving in Glasgow very late the night before the competition meant that Anna was not as fresh as she should have been at the start of a such major event, but she was still up for the competition.

Despite an excellent performance in the Patterns competition, Anna did not win a medal. A Pattern is a set series of offensive and defensive moves against an imaginary attacker, and competitors are compete one on one with competitors in a knock out competition. 

Disappointed with the results in the patterns Anna was even more motivated to do battle in the Sparring competition. The Sparring is also judged in a knock out competition in either one or two x 2 minute rounds with competitors divided by their colour belt and then further divided by height for the juniors and by weight for the seniors, thereby creating a level playing field. It was in the Sparring that Anna showed Indomitable Spirit, one of the five Tenets of TKD, and won a medal!

Anna, who competed in the combined red and black belt category for girls, was involved in some fierce sparring evident by the fact that all her competitors needed medical time outs and her 1st round victory was only achieved after an extra round was called to separate the competitors. There was no question of the result in the final round when Anna fought a black belt holder. Anna's superior technique, power and fitness simply proved too much and her gold medal was never in any doubt!

A very successful competition in which Anna excelled ended with a team bonding dinner, after which the team were given free rein the next day in the M&D Theme Park to recover from their sporting injuries.

Anna will next representing her School, Synergy TKD a in the United Kingdom TKD Open in November.